Sliced ​​lard with fresh farmhouse bread – real Bavarian snack


Giebenschmalz you can easily make yourself!

And homemade lard simply tastes better than bought. German:…hid=july2003 German:…hid=july2003 German:…hid=july2003 German:…hid=july2003 German:…hid=july2003 German:…hid=july2003 German:…hid=june200 By leaking at medium to high heat, the fat dissolves and becomes liquid, leaving only small crispy fried remains from the bacon bits. If you let both cool again, you get lard.

In this recipe, it is made with apple, a bit of paprika and marjoram as a spice. Serve with a freshly baked farmhouse bread the perfect snack!

Ingredients for lard (for about 1.5 kg lard):

1.5 kg pork fat from the back
3 apples
3 onions
1 pepper
3 branches marjoram
1 teaspoon paprika powder
1 pinch of cayenne pepper
1 tsp salt

Preparation of lard:

Cut pork fat into 1 × 2 cm strips. Wash apple and pepper and cut into small cubes. Peel onion and chop finely. Wash the marjoram, drain and pluck the leaves from the branches. Finely chop the marjoram leaves.
Leave bacon pieces in medium sized to high heat pan in a sufficiently large pan until the lard is golden yellow and crisp. Add the paprika and onion and fry until golden. Stir in the paprika, salt and cayenne pepper. Add apples and cook briefly without falling apart. Finally add marjoram, mix well and fill hot in screw jars.
Cool and allow to harden in the refrigerator. With fresh farmhouse bread or Whole grain bread Serve as a snack.

Interesting facts about lard:

Lard contains in the refrigerator for several weeks. However, as the apples and onions tend to cause mold, one should regularly check the condition of the lard.
If you enjoy a lard bread in the beer garden in the summer months, you should not miss out on a portion of fresh radio. The two Bavarian delicacies fit perfectly together.
Another delicacy is goose fat, which is made in the same way as pork lard, but is a bit finer in taste and color.
With lard you can also cook very well. As a dripping or fat content in lentil dishes, for example, its taste provides extra flavor.

Here you will find more beautiful recipe ideas from the Bavarian specialty kitchen!

Whether snack or roast pork, bacon dumpling soup or Kaiserschmarren – the Bavarian cuisine has so much to offer! Let yourself be inspired…

Sliced ​​lard with fresh farmhouse bread - real Bavarian snack

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