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This crab cocktail is a great summer dish! Especially at high temperatures, light and simple food is very popular. The shrimp cocktail with dill and fresh cucumber is prepared in no time and can be prepared well, so it is also a perfect finger food for the next summer party ..

Ingredients (for 6-10 people):
2 cucumbers
1 bunch dill
500 g quark (40% fat)
100 ml of cream
400 g of cooked crabs
1 organic lemon
1 clove of garlic
salt and pepper

Wash the cucumber, dry and cut into 1 cm thick slices. Peel garlic. Wash the dill, drain, set aside 4 stalks, remove the coarse stems from the remaining dill and mince the dill tips. Wash the lemon with hot water and remove from the zest dish. Halve the peeled lemon and squeeze the juice from one half. Use the other half otherwise.

Wash crabs under running cold water, drain on a kitchen towel. Put the crab in a small bowl and marinate with the dill and lemon juice for about 15 minutes.

Put cottage cheese in a bowl and mix with cream. Press the garlic clove through a press, add to the quark and mix thoroughly. Add marinated crabs with dill and lemon juice and mix well. Season with salt and pepper.

Garnish crab cocktail on the cucumber slices, garnish with remaining dill and serve as finger food.

Useful information:
Crabs are actually small roundish crayfish that live in the North Sea. What crab cocktail or on a classic crab sandwiches are but the elongated shaped and slightly screwed tails of North Sea shrimp and not of called crustacean. Where this name exchange with the crab cocktail comes from is unclear.

The best way to buy the shrimp or North Sea prawns fresh on the market or the well-stocked fishmonger. If they come from a sustainable fishery, but also against frozen food is no objection.

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Fine crab cocktail - Fingerfood |

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